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Here at Stures Brasseri you find a wide selection of food and drinks-something for everyone!
We serve a large verarity of produce from among others Sweden, Italy and France.

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English menu


  • 189 kr
    Toast Skagen

    Shrimpsallad on butter fried sourdough bread, pickled red onion, lemon and crisp sallad.

  • 189 kr
    Fennel gravlax

    Butter fried brioche bread, crisp sallad, gravlax radishes, fennel crudité and a classic mustard sauce

  • 189 kr
    Gambas al PilPil

    Chili and garlic fried large prawns served with garlic bread

Main course

  • 249 kr
    The Sture burger

    Made with black angus meat served with a brioche bun, chipotle mayonnaise, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomate, pickled red onion, crisp sallad, truffle aioli and fries

  • 369 kr
    Beef sirlion

    Served with bearnaise sauce, butter tossed seasonal vegetables, roasted tomato and potato wedges

  • 219 kr
    Fish and chips

    Served with home made remoulade sauce, peas, lemon and fries

  • 239 kr
    Pasta Frutti di Mare

    Scampi, mussels, langoustine, garlic, white wine, basil and cream

  • 239 kr
    Pasta Piemontese

    Beef, calf broth, red onion, black pepper, mushrooms, red wine and cream

  • 219 kr
    Vegetarian chickpea pattie

    Served with tartar sauce, pickled red onion and roasted root vegetables

  • 239 kr
    Ceasar salad

    Chili and honey glazed chicked filet with bacon, parmigiano, cheese, tomatoes, croutons and homemade ceasar dressing

  • 259 kr
    Shrimp sandwich

    Butter fried sourdough bread, shrimps, egg, tomatoes, pickled red onion, lemon, mayonnaise, cucumber, lemon and dill

  • 189 kr
    Home made meat balls

    Served with potato puree, cream sauce, pickled cucumber and raw stirred lingon berries

  • 239 kr
    Moules Frites

    Mussel velouté served with aioli and fries


  • 128 kr
    Classic tiramisu

    Baked with marsala wine, espresso and a mascarpone cream

  • 128 kr

    On white and dark chocolat served with a pistagio mousse and fresh berries

For the kids

  • 109 kr
    Pasta bolognese

    On pork and beef

  • 109 kr
    Grilled sausage

    Served with fries

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